Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Change The Conversation - Stop Using The R-Word

Who says you can't learn anything important from watching TV? Yesterday, while watching an interview with John C. McGinley on the Bonnie Hunt show, I learned about a program started by the Special Olympics. John C. McGinley has a son who has Down Syndrome. He spoke about the February 9th episode of the Bill O'Reilly show on which the word "retard" was used in a callous and derogatory manner. The statement was made by a guest on the show, Dick Morris, who said:

". . .What he [Obama] didn't quite explain to me, and maybe I'm a little retarded about this is. . ."

The result of this is the following video created by delegates of the Global Youth Activation Summit, Please take a moment to watch this important message:

Those of us who suffer from chronic illness know all too well how awful it feels to be judged unfairly or labeled by others. We are called weak or lazy for not being able to do things healthy people can. We are thought of as crazy or hypochondriacs because people don't believe in an illness they can't "see".

We who blog use words everyday to express our thoughts and feelings. Let's all make a pledge to stop the use of the R-word and all other hateful and hurtful language. Please head over to the Special Olympics website and take the pledge, grab the badge and blog about this campaign. This is one of the rare opportunities we get in life to make a difference for the better! Please join me today.


Anonymous said...

I love Bonnie Hunt and her show. I missed this show though. I have the widget on my blog too and have taken the pledge.

I have two family members who are mentally challenged and when I was younger I worked within this field. This word has always gotten me under my skin. I'm glad that there is an organization dealing with the use of the R word. Good for you for writing about this!

inspired by Grace said...

Hi -I saw your comment & blog address on the comments section of the special olympics page. I'm so glad to see the badge posted (I posted too). My son has autism, so the subject is dear to me. I'm not a blogging pro, I spend most of my time on cafemom. (but i'm following your blog now). well -I just wanted to introduce myself, say hi & thanks.

Jeanne said...


What a great post! For some reason I wasn't able to see the video but I obviously get the idea from what you wrote. I have always detested that "R" word myself. It was said on my daughter's school bus to a child recently and she came home and told me about it. We had a long talk about it that day. Good for you Maureen!


Anonymous said...

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