Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Mom and I had a busy day. She had a procedure this morning that required her to be put under anesthesia. Of course we had to be up early to get to the surgery center, and although we were on time, the doctor wasn't. The important thing is that mom came through it all okay and although we don't have the biopsies back yet, the doctor is confident they will be fine.

We live in Floral Park, the town in which the family who was killed on the Taconic Parkway lives. The last few days have been a time of great sadness in our community. The only good thing that happens at a time like this is that you realize all the blessings you have. I am blessed to still have my mother with me. I pray for the families who no longer have their children, their mom and their dad there to hug at night. Please keep them all in your prayers and hug your own loved ones tonight and be thankful for all you do have. Illness can't take those important relationships away from us!


Tiglizzyclone said...

We hope that all is well with your mom.

The McCurry Project said...

It's scary how fast reality can set in and bring life such heart ache. And still so many unanswered questions about that wreck. I listen to the news every night to see if there is anything real besides bickering back and forth with the whole issue.

I wish your mom luck.