Monday, September 22, 2008

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

With today being the official last day of summer, and the first day of fall I thought I would list some of my favorite things about the season just passed, as well as some of the things I look forward to every fall.  I hope you will add to my list with your own favorites in the comments section!

Some of the reasons I love Summer
  • The long days when it feels like it stays light forever
  • The ocean -- I never tire of listening to and watching the surf roll in and out
  • Not having to wear socks, heck even being able to go barefoot
  • The smell of a campfire, especially when roasting marshmellows for s'mores
  • The sound of birds singing in the trees each morning
  • The beautiful weather, which allows me to take long walks out in nature

Some of the things I look forward to in Fall
  • The cool, crisp autumn air that never causes my hair to frizz
  • The sight of children decked out in their Halloween costumes as they go trick or treating
  • The taste of warm apple cider
  • The gorgeous show the trees put on before they shed their leaves
  • The feeling of a new beginning I get each Fall

I have many more favorite parts of each season, but I am interested in what you have to say.  I feel blessed to live in a region where I experience all four seasons, I haven't always, but I know that no matter where you live, the change of season evokes some powerful feelings for us all.  Share yours with me!


Anonymous said...

Having just returned this past year from the south where it was summer most of the year, I'll be experiencing Fall for the first time in many years.I like the idea of the changing of the leaves and even the thought of a little cooler weather. May change my mind about this later. :-). When I lived in Florida the natives would make me laugh with their idea of Fall coming in. They would dress in sweaters and woolen pants on the first slightly cool day. One of the people I worked with came in wearing a furcoat.They wouldn't have survived New York weather once the temperatures really dropped.Dottie

Anonymous said...

"You're right about fall bringing new
beginnings. Guess that's ingrained in us from kindergarten, huh? I
hate cold weather (HATE IT), but something about fall I don't mind. I
guess I can deal with the coming chill because there are wonderful
holidays coming up, including my favorite, Thanksgiving, and the
thought of spending special time with family makes me feel cozy.

My favorite things about fall are a shift in cooking to heartier fare
that warms from the inside, being able to enjoy parks without withering
in the heat, and fun things like pick-your-own apples, pumpkins,
whatever. Oh, and the Long Island Auto Show, but maybe that's just me.