Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Well, once again I've been a bad blogger - it's been almost a week since my last post and I haven't participated in my Wordless Wednesday or Photo Hunt games in several weeks. I've been dealing with my own health issues and those of my mom, but it is no excuse, I just need to be more disciplined.

I had a comment from a reader in response to a post from back in October about CVS drug stores carrying the magazine Fibromyalgia Aware - she hasn't been able to find it in her store and when she asked the staff they knew nothing about it. I directed her to the 800 number for CVS as well to (the publishers), but I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem getting a copy. I bought my Fall issue as soon as they went on the stands, but I am wondering since it is a quarterly publication if they only ordered a small batch to see how sales would be. If anyone else has any experience with this, good or bad, and could share it, I would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

My mom had her colonoscopy last Thursday. Other than enduring the night before with the prep, things went pretty well. At this moment the C-Diff appears to be gone (although we've been told that before only to have it reappear!). they took some biopsies to make sure they aren't missing anything important, and when she goes back in a few weeks we should have a more complete answer as to what has been going on with her. I want to thank everyone who has asked about her and also sent prayers and good wishes.

I have an appointment on Friday with the urologist to see if there is anything to this mild nephritis finding on my CAT scan. My GYN is concerned that with my history of endometriosis and adhesions, there is the possibility of an adhesion causing a kink or blockage, which could cause nephritis. Of course, never being able to be the simple patient, I am allergic to contrasts and dyes needed to do studies, so we will have to see what the urologist recommends as the next step and proceed from there.

I have been in a "if I have to see one more doctor I am going to scream" mood, so I have put off getting in touch with several other specialists I need to see. I know it isn't a long term solution, I just want to get through the holidays and my birthday without having 2 or more appointments each day! Between mom and I it feels like it is all we ever do anymore.

We did have a pleasant day on Sunday. After Mass we headed over to a nursery that does a lot of decorating and such for Christmas. It is called Hicks and I hadn't been there since I was a little girl. They have a small area with animatronics that you walk you through, different Christmas scenes. It was fun to watch the children as they looked and "oohed and aahed" at Santa or snowmen or penguins. Many parents had their kids dressed up because there are lots of good places to get those all important Christmas card photos. My mother and I both enjoyed watching the little ones enjoy themselves. There was a quartet set up in the middle of the greenhouse and they were playing Christmas songs. They had brought along all sorts of bells that the kids could pick up and play along with. What fun to watch a little toddler shaking the bells and singing "Frosty" or "Jingle Bells".

We came home and had a bite to eat before heading out to a local parish for "Lessons and Carols". The choir at St. Anne's in Garden City is amazing and it was so nice to hear the scripture readings and then the songs. We met up with some friends there and it was fun to be together and celebrate the real meaning of the holiday. After dinner we headed over to the Rexcorp tree and ice rink. For those of you not familiar with the area, it is Long Islands answer to Rockefeller Center. The tree is even bigger than the one in NYC and there is an ice skating rink as well. They decorate the inside of the office buildings, although this year that part was rather disappointing. It was a cold night, but we enjoyed watching the skaters and looking at the gorgeous tree. We came home in time to catch HGTV's special on Christmas windows 2008. I was walking to shut off the lights and caught my little toe on the coffee table and broke it! OUCH!! I am still hurting and limping. It was so stupid, but these things happen. Except for that, it was a nice day.

I am still having a lot of pain in what I originally thought was my tooth, but it turns out to be my ligament in my jaw. There is either an infection or perhaps a crack in a tooth. My dentist had me do a round of antibiotics, but I am still really hurting. It never ends when you have autoimmune problems, one thing just leads to another. I am also slowly decreasing my dose of hydrocortisone, so I have had some issues with that as well.

Overall it has been such a good holiday season compared to last year that I can't complain even with all that is going on. I encourage you all to find fun, free and meaningful things to do that will bring you into the true reason for the season. Today we went to the local elementary school for their holiday concert. Seeing those sweet little ones singing, playing instruments and enjoying themselves really gave my spirits a lift and brought me back to the wonder of being a kid again. Be grateful for all you do have in these tough economic times (my landlord finally got us a new stove - YEA!!!), and pray for those who aren't as fortunate. Right now there are so many good ways to help, even just offering to drop food off if you can't afford to donate a whole meal, sending a card to soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan or at Walter Reed as I had posted about earlier. You don't have to spend a lot to help. Heck, give someone a genuine compliment, we are all so harried and hurried this time of year it will make their day!

Thanks for reading my blog and for caring about me and my family. I will post some pictures of the tree so you can all see what that looked like. This weekend I am due to go into NYC to see the Rockefeller Center tree and the Christmas windows. If my toe allows it, I plan to get as many pictures as possible and share them here for those of you who don't live close enough to get to see them in person!

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