Saturday, December 6, 2008

More About Books

Several of the comments I received about yesterday's post talked about using audiobooks while traveling. That got me to thinking about the store Cracker Barrel, which has many locations throughout the country, usually right off a major interstate. In addition to having a great restaurant, they have a country store attached to each one with all sorts of fun items. But why I am mentioning them today, is that they have audio books (they used to be on CD, but it has been awhile since I've been to one so that may have changed!) that you can "borrow". You pay a small deposit, and you pick out your book or books on CD. You take them with you for as long as you want. then you can return them to any Cracker Barrel and either get your money back or take another audiobook! This is a terrific thing when you are traveling. I know I used it for years and always found a good selection of books. Again, it is a real money saver, because you don't have to purchase them and you don't have late fees to worry about! Check out their website through the link above for locations near you.

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