Thursday, December 4, 2008

An interesting twist on my voting day dilemma!

Regular readers of my blog know that I had problems when I went to vote on Election Day this year. (See my blog post from election day) My change of address had mysteriously not been processed, so I didn't show up on the rolls at my local polling station. Luckily I was able to drive to where I used to live and vote, but of course I also voted for representatives and judges in an area I no longer live, and wasn't able to vote for those where I currently do. I wrote that I believed this had happened because I had changed from being registered to a political party to unregistered with any party. My mother and I both moved and changed our addresses at the same time. My mom stayed registered with a party. She showed up on the rolls.

Well, I promised I would follow up on this, and I have to admit, I hadn't done it yet. I fully intended to, but life and illness had prevented it so far. Guess what came in the mail? You're ahead of me already aren't you? I suddenly received my voter registration card. Isn't that interesting? Suddenly I am registered to vote in my appropriate district, now that the election is long passed. Since the undecided voter was supposed to make such a big difference in this past election, I fully believe that my application was held back on purpose so that I would be prevented from voting. Now I definitely intend to follow up with my local board of elections and see how they explain this delay. I will keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hadn't read your previous voting post. First, good for you doing the driving and work to vote in spite of the obstacles, especially with chronic illness.

It's hard to even think about voter manipulation being a reality (naive huh?). Yet, your voter registration arrives long after your mother's who didn't change to no affiliation. Definately brings up questions. Please do keep us posted Maureen...


One Mom said...

Good luck with your inquiry! Now that the election is over I'll be surprised if they can provide any satisfactory answers. Bureaucracy at its finest!

Anonymous said...

Good for you being persistant! This should NEVER have happened!