Friday, November 7, 2008

Writing Exercise

I am lucky enough to be a part of a terrific writers group. We meet monthly to share what we are working on, we have guest speakers and of course we do writing exercises. Usually we only have a few minutes left at the end of our meeting, so we do a quick 5 minute prompt exercise. The leader gives us a word or phase, and we write whatever comes to mind based on it. It is always fun to see what people come up with, how we each interpret the same thing in so many different and unique ways. We have prose and poetry writers, so it makes it extra fun and interesting.

Recently we were given the prompt 'another choice' and this is what I wrote:

Sometimes I feel like if I am faced with another choice I will scream, really lose it completely. When did life get so complicated? Why do I have over 800 channels and yet still nothing on TV that I want to watch? When I go to buy an item on the Internet, why do I get 46,344 matches to wade through? I long for a simpler time, when my biggest decision was chocolate or vanilla. What other people seem to revel in as an abundance of choice, just leaves me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Let someone else choose, I'm sitting this one out.

It certainly isn't my best piece of writing, but I share it with you here because I seemed to have hit a nerve, it got so much response from the class. Everyone seems to have that same overwhelmed feeling, and I am wondering what you think?

On another topic completely, I want to remind everyone that Rosalind Joffe's virtual book tour began this week. Follow her through the week at these blogs:

Rhymes With Migraine
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There are guest blogs, interviews and answers to readers questions. All of the posts will give you a better idea of what the book, and Ms. Joffe, are all about. And remember, Rosalind will be doing a guest post here on Nov. 20th as part of her virtual tour, so please come back and check that out as well.


One Mom said...

You write beautifully and this last effort really does hit home! Part of the blessing of an illness is that one must slow down and simplify life. Even so, there is still so much out there screaming to be let in!

Renee said...

This is a great read.
This post brought back memories for me. When we came back to America after living for 2 years in the Philippine Islands, we were overwhelmed by 2 things...first of all the changes in what was allowed on our tvs, and secondly all the choices we had when we went into a store like K-Mart. So many kinds of toothpaste, cereal, etc. I remember our 5 and 6 year old kids just staring all the time and saying Oh, look! Look at all the toys... look at all the lights...etc. etc. It was like sensory overload of every sense...
Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed we think about moving way north to a cabin in the woods....escape :)
Thanks again for sharing this..