Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fighting With Myself

Well we've had another round of snow here in New York. Not exactly a news flash for January weather, but an annoyance all the same. It wasn't a tremendous storm, we got a couple of inches of the white, powdery stuff. What is driving me crazy is my inability to do anything about clearing it away. I had written last month about my attempt at shoveling and how sick I had made myself. I know I really need to clear the stoops and walkways off to make it possible to get out tomorrow, but I know I am physically unable to do it. My landlord has a crew that is supposed to come by and do it, but they haven't shown. Given that it is a weekend, and a holiday one at that, I expect they aren't coming. Tonight the temperatures will dip down even lower and we will have icing, making it more treacherous. I hate my inability to do anything about it. So I sit and stew over what I can't do. Silly isn't it? I hate feeling helpless!

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MJ said...

Maureen, I can relate because I hate feeling helpless, too! Are there any neighborhood kids around that would be willing to help you out?