Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Having a Tooth Extracted

I am writing early in the day because I have an appointment later to have my tooth pulled. I figure I won't be in much of a blogging mood after that, so do it now. Of course I am looking forward to having this done, well "like getting a tooth pulled" as the old expression goes. I have been having problems with this tooth for over 2 months, but haven't been well enough to get it out. Because I am battling with a sinus and ear infection that doesn't want to clear, the dentist is reluctant to take the tooth. He feels that with an active infection in the area it will make the healing process problematic.

The frustration for me is that once again someone else's miscommunication has become my problem. When I went to the internist to get treated for the infection, he put me on antibiotics and made it clear he wanted the tooth pulled last Friday. This way I would still be on antibiotic, and have had most of the course of treatment. The dentist had told me he would make time for me whenever I needed because he wanted to pull it the minute I was feeling well, before another issue had a chance to crop up. (Let's face it, he knows my health history!) So I called the dentist's office immediately upon leaving the doctor and got someone new. I explained the whole thing to her and she scheduled it for today (4 days AFTER the doctor requested). I asked to change it, explaining again WHY and got nothing but attitude. In fairness to my dentist's staff, that isn't the usual experience with his office.

Last night I received a call confirming my appointment. I explained I needed to speak with the dentist because the infection has not cleared and I didn't know that we should proceed. I spoke with his assistant who was appalled that they hadn't seen me on Saturday. Of course, all of this is water under the bridge now. I was left having to get in touch with the internist's office this morning to get clearance and now am having the tooth pulled at 2pm, despite my own misgivings, because I know I am still sick. Again, the doctors won't have to suffer, I will. And add into this mix that I have medications that are taken at 3 pm with food, which obviously can't happen, so I will have to push them an hour ahead.

I am so sick of dealing with all of this. The trying to juggle too many health issues, medications, doctors and other issues. Add to all of this the snow we got again last night. My mother won't drive in the snow, and I understand her fear. She has been away from it for over 25 years and she feels she isn't competent to do it. I appreciate that she knows what her limits are. However, that means that I will be driving myself, in rush hour traffic, after having a tough extraction. Not exactly my favorite scenario.

Okay, well now that I have cheered everyone up with this positive post, is there anything else I can do to brighten your day?! :-)

Here's hoping things are going better for you and I hope my next post is much more upbeat!


Anonymous said...

It gets so damned hard sometimes, doesn't it. I feel for your frustration ( and have known it myself). I hope this all works out well.

Renee said...

GOOD GRIEF! You are in my prayers, Maureen that there will be complications and that you will be able to heal quickly!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain literally and have been in the same situation. Juggling everything is frustrating and just makes me weary thinking about some days, much less doing it. One dentist's receptionist got ticked because I often have to cancel appointments (I never know from day to day what I can do and not do) so I had to find another dentist.

I hope last evening wasn't too bad on you and that you're feeling better this morning. I'll be watching your blog for an update and hope you feel up to doing that today. If not, rest up and take it easy. Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that everything went well for you. I see that you posted today, so that may be good news.

Anonymous said...

It is tough when having a tooth pulled takes interaction with more than the dentist. What hard work the complexities of chronic illness require.

In my dreams I imagine a world where our doctors (for different systems) communicate with one another. I know for now our medical system is not in a state to make that a reality...but we can hope that someday this might be or perhaps a new career might be established of a mediator who communicates between doctors for those of us with systemic illness.

Hope your pain eases soon Maureen and that your healing happens quickly. Take it easy (without guilt--wink!) Love, Kerry