Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Festivals

I love this time of year. I am lucky enough to live where I experience all four seasons, and Fall has always been a favorite--from the changing colors of the leaves on the trees to the crisp autumn days and nights, I really enjoy it. Another thing I enjoy is the Fall festivals that are held everywhere this time of year.

Today I am meeting up with friends to attend a festival held at the Waldorf School. This is my first time going to this particular one, but the friends I am meeting up with have been going for years, and have told me how much they enjoy it. What hooked me for sure is that they have an entire DESSERT room! I heard that and thought, "I'm in!". They have a white elephant sale, vendors, food and lots of other things for all ages. Churches, schools and many other organizations have these type of things and it is a fun way to spend a few hours. The weather here today is supposed to be lousy, so luckily this is all indoors.

Do you enjoy Fall festivals? What is your favorite part of one?


Renee said...

I, too, enjoy fall~ the colors, smells, sounds, and the animals "nesting" get ready for winter. It is really my favorite season of the year and could last a bit longer !!
I am unable to attend any festivals but up here in the midwest I am sure there are plenty. Usually they involve apple orchards or pumpkin patches~ or one that my husband goes to every year is
Rendevous Days.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the crafts at these festivals. Amazing sometimes to see what people have come up with using a bit of yarn and/or fabric.

Home baked goods are also a special part of attending! Yummy!