Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I received The Kreativ Blogger Award Today!!

WOW, imagine my surprise this morning when I opened my e-mail and saw that Connie, from Brainfoggles had made me one of her choices for the Kreativ Blogger Award!! I was so thrilled, touched, happy and surprised. Connie has been such an awesome support to me as I go through learning about blogging. She has freely given to me of her time, talent and knowledge and I wouldn't be able to have done most of things I have on my blog without her. In addition, she has been warm, compassionate and supportive of me as a person as well as a fellow blogger. I am so thankful that she nominated me for this award.

My instructions are to tell 6 things that make me happy and then pass it on to 6 people to make them happy. Isn't that a wonderful idea? So here goes. . .

1. Chocolate - ok, I know it isn't world peace or anything, but it truly makes me happy!!

2. My friends and family, who support and love me for who I am, what a blessing!

3. The ocean - the sight, sound and smell of it instantly relax and renew me. If I can't get there
physically, I will go there in my mind to take a mini-vacation anytime. There is something
so soothing about it to me. I can even look at a photo of waves on the sand and feel myself
relax and unwind.

4. All of the pets I have ever had. I don't currently have any, but each and every one has
enriched my life with their unconditional love and friendship. Animals take you exactly
as you are and love you no matter what.

5. Writing and blogging - I love being able to express myself through the written word. I enjoy
sharing both the real and the fictional and I hope someday to write at least one book.

6. Laughter - my own or anyone else's. Laughter truly is healing. I love the way I feel when I
laugh and I love to see others laugh too. To see that pure joy bubbling forth from someone
is a treasure. When illness or life get me down, laughter is one of the best tools I know for
recovering from any bad situation. To be able to laugh AT myself has been a huge blessing
in my life.

Now here are the 6 people I would like to award:

Kerry, from Lemon-Aide
Kitrona, from Warning: Schematic Inaccurate
Renee, from Renee's Reflections
Jenni, from Harvesting Hope from Heartache
Leslie, from Getting Closer to Myself
Jeanne, from Jeanne's Endo Blog


Jeanne said...


Thank you so much for the Kreativ Blogger Award!!

I really appreciate it!! :)


Maureen Hayes said...


You are very welcome. Your blog is so well written and informative and you can see how much passion you have for helping people. Plus you were the one who taught me about the "alligator head" LOL!! (for those who think we are crazy, this is how Jeanne described the icon for creating a hyperlink to me when I first started blogging--and I knew exactly what she meant so we must be on the same wavelength!)