Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Runway

Okay, I know I am a little late in posting on this, but I LOVE Project Runway and this season has been no exception. I admit I held my breath a little during the finale, not sure who would win. This is the first time the contestant I wanted to win did --Yea Leanne! I really thought Korto was incredibly talented as well, and I am sure she will go far in the fashion world, despite finishing second. As for Kenley, her attitude certainly didn't endear her to me, but I also felt she fell short as a designer. For me, her looks were too similar and too out there.

I discovered Project Runway when it was already several seasons on the air. I was confined to bed during a flare and there was a marathon of one of the past seasons on. I started to watch and got hooked quickly. Although I don't sew, I can appreciate the hard work that goes into what these contestants are asked to do. My mother always sewed when I was growing up, and I know how much work was involved in making each garment. In fact, my mother had wanted to be designer when she was young. She was enrolled in F.I. T. (The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC) but had to drop out due to illness. Mom never got to live out her dream of designing clothes, although I am sure she would have been great had she been able to. I remember being a kid and just wanting store bought clothes. We were poor and couldn't afford the latest fashions. My mom made all my clothes when I was young, and unfortunately, at the time I didn't appreciate it. I thought it made me look weird and different. Now I would love to wear something made just for me! Isn't it funny how we realize so many things too late? My mom doesn't sew anymore, her arthritis makes it hard to do so and her glaucoma makes it impossible to thread needles and do the other minute tasks required, but she still has style. We have enjoyed watching this show together, and from her experience I get to understand the designers struggles in a whole new way. I also find I look at garments differently than I did before. It isn't just a matter of whether they are my personal taste, but also of how much skill, effort and ingenuity went into making them. I learned that from mom as well.

I realize that fashion isn't the be all and end all of the world, but it is fun to have a show to enjoy with all ages, that shows people sacrificing to make a dream come true. I guess I enjoy it in a similar way to 'Dancing With The Stars', I live vicariously through the contestants. My body and my skill set won't allow me to do those things, but in my dreams I am there competing as well. I also learn things along the way, about myself and about others. Hey, it's not PBS, but sometimes it is fun to be entertained, especially during a long, painful flare when you want desperately to focus on something outside of yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words. YOU have incredible style sense so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.