Friday, October 24, 2008

A great idea from Warning: Schematic Inaccurate

A blog that I really enjoy is called Warning: Schematic Inaccurate. Today the post was on 15 things that you like about yourself (see her original post). I thought the idea was terrific. We all spend so much time focusing on the negatives, what a treat to celebrate the positives. So I am going to list my 15 favorite things about myself and I hope you will comment and add your favorite things about you. Let's all take a moment to honor who we are and revel in something nice about ourselves for a change.

My favorite things about me:

1. I a very kind and compassionate person.

2. I have a good sense of humor, especially about myself.

3. I am a survivor, I may get knocked down, but I don't stay there!

4. I find people interesting and enjoy talking to almost anyone.

5. I have terrific nails.

6. I am intelligent and thoughtful.

7. I can eat almost anything I want and not really gain weight.

8. I have striking red hair, not my own anymore but thanks to my wonderful colorist you would never know the difference!

9. I am a good friend and good listener.

10. I am a good daughter and care-giver to my mother.

11. I can see the beauty in others (inside and out) and give compliments freely.

12. I am not fake and I try not to lie.

13. I am encouraging and supportive to others, as they have been to me.

14. I enjoy getting up in front of people and have enjoyed both acting and public speaking in life.

15. I am always willing to learn something new.

What do you like about YOU? I really want to know. . .


Jeanne said...


I think it's awesome that you know your strengths and aren't afraid to share them!

Your honesty, compassion, kindness, and integrity have been quite evident to me in emails we've exchanged and in past blog posts you've written.

You are helping many people with your candid blog posts and I'm happy to see that you took a post to appreciate some of your great qualities. :)

So often we are afraid to "toot our own horns" for fear of it being misperceived as "bragging". There is nothing wrong with appreciating our strengths. :)

I give you lots of credit for listing 15 favorite things about yourself. :)

It's important to focus on positive energy. So often we gets stuck in negative energy. Great post!


Jeanne said...


Awesome post!! I passed the idea to a couple of other bloggers who would probably like it too.

I've written a post that is similar & I scheduled it to post next week (probably mid-week... I'm writing so far ahead I'm scheduling stuff to publish later!)

I'm writing as fast as I can type lately. It's hard to keep up.

Anyway, with hard work I managed to produce 15 things I like about myself. So take a peek at my blog next week to check it out! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen, Kitura's idea is not only good for confidence building, reading a list is a great way to get to know someone.

Feel like I know you better! Red hair and can eat what you want without gaining weight--fun. Already experienced your compassion, sense of humor and kindness etc..

Thanks for sharing your 15 favorite things about you Maureen. Kerry

Anonymous said...

Great post! I don't know if I could write as well as you did. I find it difficult to write positive things about myself. That's terrible, but it's me. I will work on it, but no promises :)

Maureen Hayes said...

Jeanne, Kerry and Connie,

Thank you all for your positive feedback on this post and about my list. I could list at least 15 things about each of you--give it a try! As Kerry pointed out, it isn't only good for building self-esteem, but for getting to know more about each other!

Thank you all for supporting me!